The housing stock in the Dunbar area of Vancouver has undergone significant change in the past five years. Originally a working class neighbourhood with many quite modest homes surrounded by lovely gardens, it is now a neighbourhood that 99% of the people working in Vancouver cannot afford because the replacement homes are built to the maximum footprint and cost millions. Greenspace has been reduced. Included on this website are photos of many (not all) of the disappeared houses.
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Demolitions West of the Dunbar Community Centre

Monday, December 31, 2012

Four on West 26th Avenue All East of Dunbar Street

3365 West 26th Avenue. Torn down 2012.  This is the plainest of the four.

3340 West 26th Avenue. Torn down in 2011.  An interesting "Tudor".

3414 West 26th Avenue. A tiny house, torn down in 2012.

3554 West 26th Avenue.  This large house on the corner with Dunkirk Street was torn down in 2012.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gone Away for Christmas

On Sunday, December 23, 2012 this was the sight at 4006 West 28th Avenue, on the corner with Crown:

 Demolition took place the next day, December 24.  Gone for Christmas...

A year ago, the house looked like this. Oddly enough, I never noticed that it was for sale.  It is one of the smallest versions of similar houses all built in the early 50's in the area bounded by Crown, Camosun, West 27th Avenue, and West 31st Avenue.  The middle bush under the living room window is rather misshapen.  However, it is a special variegated camellia, which bloomed beautifully for the last time in April 2012.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Longer There on West 22nd and 23rd Avenue

3405 W. 22nd Avenue, built in 1926, torn down January 2012

3548 W. 22nd Avenue, built in 1929, torn down in 2012

3859 W. 23rd Avenue, torn down in the summer of 2011
Of the four in this blog entry, this one has lost the most character, although it is neatly maintained.  3814 W. 23rd Avenue, torn down May or June 2011, replaced by a new house + laneway house

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Demolitions on 17th and 18th Avenues

3716 W. 17th Avenue, torn down January 2011

A Vancouver Special at 3930 W. 17th Avenue, torn down December 2011 or January 2012

3913 W. 18th Avenue, torn down February 2011, replaced by a new house + laneway house

Side view of above house, a bit different from the front!

Rear view of above house. The roof line is unique.

3940 W. 18th Avenue, torn down December 2011 or later. Note the holiday wreath in the January 2011 photo of this well-kept house.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Two 1926 Cottages

This tiny cottage built in 1926 was certainly getting derelict and had lost some of its character with the closed-in front porch. The location is on a ridge with a great view of the city and mountains. Even with the scaffolding to show off the potential view that a taller house would have, it took over 6 months to sell. Maybe it was too scary to climb up! It was demolished in 2012.

On 17th Avenue this 1926 cottage had a glassed-in front porch.  To the left is a house of similar age or maybe older, which was renovated perhaps 10 years ago, with the character retained.  However, the grey house met a different fate, demolished in the fall of 2010.  It has been replaced by a very modern house and laneway house.