The housing stock in the Dunbar area of Vancouver has undergone significant change in the past five years. Originally a working class neighbourhood with many quite modest homes surrounded by lovely gardens, it is now a neighbourhood that 99% of the people working in Vancouver cannot afford because the replacement homes are built to the maximum footprint and cost millions. Greenspace has been reduced. Included on this website are photos of many (not all) of the disappeared houses.
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Demolitions West of the Dunbar Community Centre

Friday, February 13, 2015

Two More Have Been Deconstructed

Vancouver Vanishes has recently featured these two "deconstructions", but I am taking the liberty of duplicating them here because they are literally gone to bits, and more photos of them may be acceptable to you readers because it is impossible to take photos of these houses ever again. Here is the house at 3742 West 36th Avenue in the fall of 2013:
This unique east-coast looking house was built in 1929 on a wide 50 foot lot and torn down in December 2014 or January 2015 in order to build something undoubtedly more modern.

Look at the lovely garden of this house at 3883 West 21st Avenue in May 2013 at the time the house was for sale:

A year later in June 2014, the garden was still thriving, but it became a bit too wild, and there were no geraniums in the window box. I suspect that the house was vacant. This fairly typical house of its time was built in 1928 and torn down in January 2015.

The various decades of houses in Vancouver have their typical styles, and we are losing the number of representative examples. Along with the more typical (and admittedly sometimes boring) designs, there are some anomalies, some very special examples. I've got my eye on two such special ones, both of which look doomed. Unfortunately, more to come...

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