The housing stock in the Dunbar area of Vancouver has undergone significant change in the past five years. Originally a working class neighbourhood with many quite modest homes surrounded by lovely gardens, it is now a neighbourhood that 99% of the people working in Vancouver cannot afford because the replacement homes are built to the maximum footprint and cost millions. Greenspace has been reduced. Included on this website are photos of many (not all) of the disappeared houses.
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Demolitions West of the Dunbar Community Centre

Friday, May 13, 2016

In an Old 1920's Precinct

Built in 1928, this house closely resembled how it looked when new, except for the front door. It was sold in April 2015 for over $2 million dollars.

The location is between the Immaculate Conception Church and their school on 26th Avenue and St. Philip's Anglican Church on 27th Avenue. The Catholic church was built in 1925 and the Anglican in 1929. What was built at that time for the Anglicans is not the church building that you see today on West 27th but a "shingle-faced, multi-purpose, practical building" that now serves as the gymnasium. (Information from The Story of Dunbar, edited by Peggy Schofield, Ronsdale Press, 2007.) You can see that building when you walk on the lane behind St. Philip's. To the west of the Catholic church is the former Convent of the Sacred Heart, built in 1913 and now St. George's Junior School.

The houses surrounding 3726 West 27th date between 1924 and 1929 and are still standing. Somehow this area has been spared demolitions, perhaps because people do not want to live near so many churches and schools with all their comings and goings. This house is adjacent to the IC playground, as you can see by the chain link fence.

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